Benefits of wearing leather flats shoes.

Flats: A cute option for your wardrobe and also for your feet’s health

One of the main reasons people buy shoes is because of how they feel when they wear them. Being comfortable is very important for a lady and flats are perfect for that. But is not just to feel comfy, flats actually are the best shoes for your feet’s health, especially for those women who can’t use high heels, maybe that's why they've been in our wardrobes since so much time.

Besides being cute and versatile for a great looking style, leather flats shoes offer you several benefits, putting your feet in the best position to stand up, and will not ever give you problems that might be caused by other types of shoes. Menina’s cute flats are carefully hand made for you to be relaxed, and also having a practical but gorgeous style.

For those women who have problems when they use high heels, Menina has the solution. Flats provide stability, balance and are flexible, so you can do the moves you want and feel free but stylish and sexy. Nobody wants to have back problems, and flats will never force your feet to be in an incorrect position, avoiding problems in your knees or your spine.

So, if you want to look cute and at the same time take care of yourself, Menina’s flats have exclusive designs, made in Spain by experienced artisans that not only think of you as a worker, young fashion woman but also think about your feet’s health. Making you look beautiful and nice while wearing flats.