How to wear flat shoes for work

How to be stylish and comfortable wearing Menina flats for work

Everyone knows a pair or heels brings elegance to your look and are great for special occasions. But in some cases where you need to be well dressed but also being comfortable like going to work, flat shoes are the best option. That’s why we want to tell you how to stylish Menina flats to have a fancy look and don’t have to deal with pain in your feet. Flat shoes are very versatile for going to work, and for anything. Maybe that's why they've last in our lives for so long.

Choose the proper clothing

Going  to  the  office  can  mean  treating  with  different  people,  going  to  different  places,  and  of course you want to look nice for all that, so choosing the right clothing will be always a must. If you want to look professional, blazers, pencil skirts, long sleeve shirts and scarves are perfect. It’s important that you chose your clothing around the Menina flat leather shoes, and see how they can match better.

Wear professional flats

It depends on how serious has to be your complete outfit, but there are flats that look better for some occasions than the others.  For work, we recommend to not use too rounded or bright color flats that you can wear better for taking a walk and can look too casual. Instead use ones with more structure sole.

Boots are also great

If it’s a rainy day or you just want to not use the regular ballerina flats, Menina’s leather boots are cool for going to work, and you have infinite options on how to stylish them. Skinny pants, dresses with socks, blazers or a nice blouse and you’ll have a gorgeous look.

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